Golden Gaze

Golden Gaze, 2023

Golden Gaze, 2023

Golden Gaze, 2023

MimicShhans Art Collection, 2023
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Unity and Gratitude through Eastern Festivals: Chuseok, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Tsukimi

Chuseok in Korea, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, and Tsukimi in Japan are significant festivals in East Asia, celebrating harvest, family unity, and the beauty of the moon. Chuseok in Korea is a time for families to gather and pay respects to ancestors, while the Mid-Autumn Festival in China celebrates the full moon and family unity. Tsukimi in Japan is dedicated to appreciating the beauty of the moon. These festivals showcase the diversity of East Asian culture through each country's unique traditions and foods, honoring harvest, family, and the lunar beauty.

In 2023, artist SHHAN commemorates these Eastern festivals by symbolizing harvest, family, and the beauty of the moon through the golden-haired MimicShhans. This artwork represents your family members who watch over you anytime, anywhere, expressing the spirit of traditional Eastern festivals in a contemporary way and introducing the culture and art of the region to people around the world.

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October 4, 2023